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Gujarati Samaj San Antonio

2021 YGSSA Presidency Letter


Hello and Jai Shree Krishna!

YGSSA Presidency Letter


        I am truly grateful that I have been given the opportunity to assume the 2021 Youth Gujarati Samaj of San Antonio presidency! Despite current difficult times, I hope that “YGSSA” can serve as a sense of comfort that unifies our community, in any way we can. Although it will be difficult to follow in the footsteps of my predecessor and YGSSA founder, Alyssa Patel, I am optimistic about the year to come.
        Alyssa led with integrity, vision and humbleness, which undoubtedly is what made the youth committee so successful. Maintaining her unfaltering passion and overcoming adversary, she single-handedly turned an ambitious vision into reality, which was no small feat whatsoever. Because of her hard work, YGSSA can continue to unite our community for years to come! With the help of my fellow youth committee members, we will work to expand the youth samaj and solidify its reputation.
        The best way to grow is to welcome more teens and young adults into our YGSSA family, so please spread the word about our organization! I have high hopes for the year to come, and am anticipating the moment that we can all congregate once again! I wish everyone good health and a better year than last, and thank you again for this opportunity.

 Ishika Patel
 2021 President of YGSSA


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