Gujarati Samaj San Antonio

GSSA Missionn

Who We Are

GSSA is a non-profit community-based organization totally dedicated to the adoption and promotion of Gujarati culture, religions, and history.

Our Mission

To preserve and promote the language, tradition and culture of Gujarat, and enhancing the understanding and friendship between all the other communities in the San Antonio area.


GSSA aims to build a bridge between all the Gujarati communities in the San Antonio area. GSSA is an organization that cannot be successful in its vision without the support and involvement of the entire Gujarati community.

Providing Education about Gujarati Culture

Our volunteers drive an initiative to teach our youth about the Gujarati culture and customs to ensure that our traditions are passed on to our children so that years from now, our future generations will have the same passion for our traditions and culture that we share currently.r.

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